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Team Size : 3

Team members:

Hrushikesh Bhat

Aditya Pavan Gadi

Mohammed Adnan Ahmed


The story begins when the wolf steps out of its cave on the top of the mountains and discovers its ability to transform into other animals. It then learns that mankind (humans) are taking over the forest causing the other animals to forcefully leave their habitat or get captured or get killed. The wolf then decides to use its new abilities to protect the forest and its animals from and their machines.

Game Mechanics

Core Mechanics

The Core Mechanics of this game is the Transformation Ability of the wolf

When the player presses and holds the F key on the keyboard , a circular HUD open up which consists of all the animals the wolf can transform into at that time. Now the player must hover and click on the icon of the animal he/she wants to transform into based on the requirement. After selection the wolf immediately transforms into that animal with a white glow.


WASD: To move

Hold Shift:  to run

Space:  to jump

Hold F:  to open transform

Left click: to attack

Right click: to Doge  

Release date Nov 08, 2019
AuthorRenderQuake Games
Made withUnity, Maya


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Animalia - Prototype.rar 174 MB
Animalia - Prototype.zip 194 MB


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Great! It could use a lot of work though. It is a great prototype for a game like this and the 3D modeling is amazing! Although I would like a home screen as well as more animals in the scroll wheel. Other things to look out for are the flying of the characters if you hold run, and also the right and left click did not work for me. Over all great game! Keep it up!

With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!